Meet Our Staff


Larry Tucker

Dr. Tucker is the Director of Y Be Fit. After receiving his PhD from Southern Illinois University, he took his first university position at New Mexico State University in 1981. Later, he accepted a position at Auburn University where he taught for five years before coming to BYU in 1988.  Dr. Tucker has many years of experience in the health field with his specialty being lifestyle-medicine and health promotion.


Kai Fisher

Kai is from a small town in Nevada where he enjoyed the quiet, rural life. Growing up, Kai was always an active, energetic boy. He fell in love with sports and has participated on many sports teams. To this day, Kai loves to stay active and healthy by exercising, hiking, camping with his wife, and cooking healthy food.  He is fascinated with the human body, which prompted him to pursue a career as a physician assistant. He also loves working with people. Being a health coach combines many of Kai’s passions, and he is excited to help people achieve their wellness goals.


Heather Scruggs

Heather was born and raised in northern California. She is the second child  of seven in her family, with five of her siblings adopted. She is studying Exercise and Wellness and is a certified Nutritional Therapist. She served a mission in Birmingham, Alabama and soon after married her husband. A year ago in March, she gave birth to a baby boy, who is a complete delight to their family. On the side, she is a Zumba Instructor and enjoys doing crafts, cooking, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. Heather has made many healthy lifestyle changes herself and is passionate about helping others do the same!

Health Coach

Blayre Thiel

Blayre was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She grew up in a very active and outdoorsy family; sports, camping, bow hunting, and fishing with her parents and siblings make up some of her fondest memories. Blayre has always loved learning about the body and all the many capabilities that it can perform. She uses this passion to help those around her enjoy a happy, healthy life. Currently she is studying Exercise and Wellness and will graduate in April 2018. After graduation, she plans to continue assisting others obtain overall mind/body wellness.

Health Coach

Elyse McCammon

Elyse grew up in Kaysville, Utah. She and her husband love to run, hike, play tennis, and camp together. She loves to learn, and enjoys her classes in the Exercise and Wellness major and Nutrition Minor. She has previous experience in the Wellness Industry, and thoroughly believes that healthy choices give us power. She loves eating delicious healthy foods, and makes excellent salads, smoothies, and homemade bread. Elyse is devoted to living a fulfilling, peaceful, and happy life and loves it when others around her choose to do the same. 

 Health Coach

James Fowler


James is a dad to three cute little girls. He and his wife have been happily married for 9 years. They enjoy family hikes and exploring any places in Utah that happen to be in the middle of nowhere. He grew up in Athens, Georgia and served his mission in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is completing a BS in Exercise & Wellness this summer and staying at BYU to begin a master's program in Exercise Sciences with a Health Promotion emphasis. He enjoys weight training and biking around town. 

Health Coach

Jessie Davies

Jessie is from Draper, Utah and is a Senior majoring in Exercise and Wellness with a minor in Gerontology. She loves to be outdoors and grew up with a family who is big into skiing on both the snow and water. She loves the human body and has a full-size skeleton which she got for Christmas! She is a certified Zumba instructor and taught Yoga classes at BYU. She LOVES cooking and collects recipes from places she has been. She then tries to replicate them with a healthy twist for her and her husband whom she has been married to for more than a year!  

 Health Coach

Judy Crookston