Individual Assessments

Y Be Fit offers many of the assessments performed in the full program on an individual basis. Below are the prices and short descriptions of each assessment. If you have questions regarding any of the assessments, feel free to contact us. 

Bod Pod $25
The Bod Pod is the most convenient research grade method used in measuring body fat.  It is quick and comfortable and has +/- 2 % accuracy.  Click here to go to the Bod Pod page.
 Blood Lipid Profile
$15  After purchase of the form from Y Be Fit, the blood test is performed at the BYU Student Health Center.  The test includes measurements of total, HDL, LDL, and VLDL cholesterol levels.  It also includes triglycerides.  This test can be combined with the glucose test for a total of $20.
Nutritional Analysis $15  After the client pays for the test, Y Be Fit staff will register the client for the online food diary software called Food Prodigy. After recording up to 7 days of food intake, the online program will send a detailed analysis of the client's diet. A health coach will assist the client in briefly interpreting the results. 
Blood Glucose Test  $5 This is similar to the blood lipid profile, but only measures blood glucose (sugar) levels.
Submaximal Treadmill and Strength Test $15  This is a submaximal treadmill test consisting of walking or running on a treadmill for about 10 minutes while wearing a heart rate monitor.  It produces an estimated VOmax measurement which gives the participant an idea of their heart strength.
Strength is assessed with push up and leg press tests. 

 DXA Scan

 $150 - Full Body

$75 - Hip

$75 - Spine
The full body scan is typically used to get an accurate reading of body composition or percent body fat.

The hip and spine scans are typically used to detect osteoporosis or osteopenia.