Recipe Links

Use these recipe resources to find ideas about delicious and healthy meals. A description of each resource is provided. Click on the resource name to go to the corresponding website. 

Recipe Resource Description 
Healthy Dining Finder 
A site with recipes, restaurant and nutritional information, as well as information for a variety of dietary approaches from a group of registered dieticians. 
The American Heart Association
Recipes from the American Heart Association.  
 The USDA's Choose My Plate
Recipes and information for several focuses including “Myplate”, “Make half your grains whole”, “Make half your plate fruits and vegetables”, “White House  Recipes”, “Recipes for Healthy Kids” and more from the USDA. 
What's Cooking - USDA Mixing Bowl A database of recipes submitted by nutrition and health professionals and organizations in the field of nutrition. 
The USDA's Food and 
Nutrition Service
Recipes and information from the USDA listed by ingredient. For example, click on “apples” to see nutrition information about apples and recipes that use them.  
 Recipes for Healthy Kids
Recipes from the USDA’s "Healthy Kids" campaign. 
The Harvard Medical School 
A nutrition resource from the Harvard Medical School. For recipes click on the “Home Cooking” tab on the left side of the page under the “Recipes” tab.  
Coming Soon - Y Be Fit Recipe Book! A collection of healthy recipes submitted by Y Be Fit clients and staff. Plus nutrition information and healthy cooking and shopping tips. 

Disclaimer: Y Be Fit does not endorse these sources in their entirety, only the information directly cited.