Meet Our Staff


Larry Tucker

Dr. Tucker is the Director of Y Be Fit. After receiving his PhD from Southern Illinois University, he took his first university position at New Mexico State University in 1981. Later, he accepted a position at Auburn University where he taught for five years before coming to BYU in 1988.  Dr. Tucker has many years of experience in the health field with his specialty being lifestyle-medicine and health promotion.


Heather Scruggs

Heather was born and raised in northern California. She is the second child  of seven in her family, with five of her siblings adopted. She is studying Exercise and Wellness and is a certified Nutritional Therapist. She served a mission in Birmingham, Alabama and soon after married her husband. A year ago in March, she gave birth to a baby boy, who is a complete delight to their family. On the side, she is a Zumba Instructor and enjoys doing crafts, cooking, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. Heather has made many healthy lifestyle changes herself and is passionate about helping others do the same!


James Fowler


James is a dad to three cute little girls. He and his wife have been happily married for 9 years. They enjoy family hikes and exploring any places in Utah that happen to be in the middle of nowhere. He grew up in Athens, Georgia and served his mission in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is completing a BS in Exercise & Wellness this summer and staying at BYU to begin a master's program in Exercise Sciences with a Health Promotion emphasis. He enjoys weight training and biking around town. 

 Health Coach

Hailey Harper
   Hailey grew up in small-town Malta, Idaho and later moved to Star Valley, Wyoming.  She is the 4th of 5 children in her family.  Hailey played basketball at Snow College and afterwards taught English in China for four months.  She served a mission in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia and soon after married her childhood crush.  She and her husband enjoy camping, hiking, pickle ball, spike ball, and any other competitive activity.  Hailey is studying Exercise and Wellness and loves helping others make healthy life choices.  
Health Coach

Kaylee Cook

Kaylee is from Payson, Utah and is majoring in dietetics because of her passion for nutrition. She believes nutrition can aid in maximizing ones happiness and potential in life. She developed this belief after spending two years playing soccer for Iowa Lakes College and understanding how nutrition plays a vital role in sports performance. Kaylee also has experience volunteering abroad in Haiti by shadowing a dietician and providing treatment and care to the Haitian people.  Aside from nutrition, Kaylee loves to play soccer, basketball, and most any sport that will keep her running and challenged. 

Health Coach

Trent Sever

Trent is from WoodRiver, IL. He graduated from BYU with a degree in Exercise and Wellness and a minor in Nutrition.  He is currently getting his masters of Public Health. He loves running and competing in races. Running has always been a family event. He meet his wife doing a team relay race.  He also enjoys pushing his toddler age daughter in his jogging stroller during his morning run. Trent loves eating healthy and showing others that eating healthy can taste great and change your life!  

Health Coach

Jessica Fife 
  Jessica is from Raleigh, North Carolina and absolutely loves the South.  She grew up in a basketball-loving family where all six of her family members played competitively.  She loves sports and being active.  She is a senior in the dietetics program and loves yummy food, especially ice cream!  She loves spending time with friends, singing, cooking, dancing, and watching movies.  Jessica is excited to help others find joy in living a healthy lifestyle!
Health Coach

Liz Thomas 
   Liz grew up on a small farm in Hillsboro, Oregon.  She is majoring in Exercise and Wellness and will be attending nursing school in the Fall.  Liz loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and running with her husband.  She also does Zumba and likes to try new healthy recipes.  Living a healthy lifestyle is important to Liz because she loves feeling energetic!  She is looking forward to helping others accomplish their own health goals.  
 Health Coach

Frannie Young
  Frannie was born and raised in Nebraska on a beef cattle ranch.  Her love for health started with playing three sports in high school and working on the ranch every summer.  Her family, which consists of her parents and older sister, taught her how to rope, ride horses, enjoy hiking and camping, and appreciate the capabilities of the human body!  Frannie is studying Exercise and Wellness and plans to graduate this December.  Since coming to BYU, Frannie has married her eternal sweetheart, held a few health-related jobs (one in Europe!), and found a love for healthy cooking and strength training.
Health Coach

 Kaitlin Abbott
   Kaitlin is from Florida, and loves being outdoors.  She has three brothers who are her best friends and biggest role models.  Kaitlin enjoys being active, and learning new skills.  During her time in Utah she has learned to play volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, hike, camp, rappel, cross country and downhill ski, apply functional fitness exercise, and country swing dance.  She is an Exercise and Wellness major, and passionate about activity, exercise and living a balanced lifestyle.  Kaitlin hopes to support and help others in their own journeys of discovering how and why they can become healthier and achieve their goals.  
Health Coach

Jessica Scheible 
  Jessica was raised in Eagle Mountain, Utah for the majority of her childhood.  She is the fourth child in a family of eight, with five girls and one boy.  From 2013-2014 she served in the Philippines, Tacloban Mission and then married her high school sweetheart shortly thereafter.  Since then, she has been attending BYU and has loved her major in Exercise and Wellness.  Jessica will graduate this year and be moving to Germany, where her husband is from.  She has made several health adjustments in her own life and loves helping other make their own changes.  
Public Health

Leighana Luther 
  Leighana is from Dallas, Texas and is the youngest of four siblings.  She is a senior in Public Health.  She has always been interested in health and has found she really likes learning about chronic diseases, infectious diseases, and women's health.  She enjoys cooking and baking and is always looking for a new recipe to expand her culinary skills.  Leighana likes going on walks with her husband and her pomeranian-chihuahua.  She also enjoys bouldering, yoga, playing the ukulele, and funny tv.

Zach Jarvis
Zach is from Fruit Heights, Utah.  He is pursuing a major in Information Systems in the Marriott Business School.  Outside of school, he is a passionate athlete participating in a variety of competitions such as trail running and Crossfit.  He also is a professional Spartan Race athlete and finished ranked third in the world last year!  When not competing or training, Zach loves to do yoga with his wife and watch movies.  He is excited to work for an organization that helps people improve their health as he feels fitness is a key aspect for a fulfilling life.  He looks forward to meeting many of you when you come in to the office!